Feds: BAC for Drunk Driving Should Be Lower

NTSB 2016 Most Wanted List: End Substance Impairment in Transportation

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has suggested states lower the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level from .08 to .05. The .08 standard was required for certain federal funding and every state, I believe, has thereby adopted it. So far, the .05 standard is an expressed hope and not a requirement. In fact, it was also a NTSB “most wanted safety improvement” last year.

Since it is the tail end of a presidential administration with a new NTSB chief probably coming in next year, the .05 standard will probably remain just something written on a government report somewhere. However, it may portend a trend which could eventually manifest itself in states once again being financially leveraged into a new DUI standard. After all, this is how we eventually went from .10 to .08 in Michigan. By way of reference, a 160-pound man drinking four drinks in an hour would probably blow a .08. Continue reading

Supermodel OWI Arrest


Stephanie Seymour, a 48-year model who used to be regularly featured in Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret catalogs, was arrested over the weekend on drunk driving charges near the Connecticut home she shares with her billionaire husband.304D86D400000578-3407040-Haute_to_trot_The_leggy_runway_royal_at_the_Versace_show_in_1995-m-93_1453228764076

Seymour, who is still active as a model, was arrested after an accident on a freeway ramp. She posted her $500 bond and will come back in a bit for a court date.

On the right is her during the 90s, when she was a fixture on magazine covers and advertising.

There have been previous legal proceedings (a divorce case later dismissed) where there were allegations of alcohol and substance abuse. Hopefully she is not abusing substances. We wish her all the best.






Drunk Driving Suspect Wants Better Mugshot


Chip Pugh, wanted for failing to appear in court in Ohio (among other things) did not appreciate it when the Lima Police Department posted his mugshot on Facebook. Not for the reasons most fugitives might not want pictures posted (don’t want to get caught), but because his mug shot was not flattering enough.

So he sent the police a “better” picture, with a request to replace the old picture. They dutifully posted both, and he was caught.

This guy really should have consulted me first. I would have advised not sending the picture.




Intoxicated/Impaired Driving-Marijuana

You were pulled over. Maybe you have a medical marijuana card. Maybe you don’t. Either way, the police are charging you with driving while having mj in your system.

Don’t go to any random attorney. Even a Drunk Driving lawyer won’t do. I handle a lot of those, and there are similarities, but you need someone who understands the unique scientific aspects that are so important in a case like this. Someone who knows what they are doing.

That’s me.
I’ve been a lawyer for 25 years. I was previously an Assistant Prosecutor. Plus I have done extra training on this exact subject. The penalties can be severe, affecting your freedom, your driver’s license, and subjecting you to random or weekly testing.

There are no guarantees, of course, but I will work hard on your behalf.

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